A port from C/SDL to Javascript/WebGL, AlephWeb brings the classic FPS Marathon to the web. Released under the GPL 3 license, it is available on Github at AlephWeb.


Bronze Medal winner of the Gamer’s Choice award, Psychopomps was put together during a single month of design and development for the Something Awful forums’ Game Development Competition.

Chrono Trigger Proposal

As seen in blogrolls worldwide, including Wired, Make, Kotaku and many more, my marriage proposal is a point of particular pride. By hacking Chrono Trigger, I added a whole new area for my wife to explore.

Zombie Swarms

A quick exercise in implementing swarming behaviors for multiple types of agents, in this case simulated zombies and people. Each agent relies on behavior components to define their current goals.

Island Generation

Inspired by the various world generators from games like Minecraft and Dwarf Fortress, I attempt generating procedural islands through the use of Voronoi diagrams, shaping algorithms, and simulated weather.

Realtime 3D Terrain

Procedurally generated, potentially infinite, and most importantly pathable 3D terrain in XNA in realtime. Textured using a combination of traditional and procedural textures using HLSL.

Diplomacy Side-Channel Attack

The 1959 board game Diplomacy presents a unique challenge when brought to the web — you lose the ability to track who is communicating with whom. This attack attempted to discover that by capturing information about who was online and ‘ready’.